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If you have a blog for your photography business (which you totally should!) you’ll want to be you are using SEO correctly. Using SEO correctly, will ensure that you are showing up in search engines. Navigating SEO can be tricky, especially when the ins and outs of the internet are always changing. To help, I […]


February 4, 2020

5 SEO Tips for Your Blog | Tips for Photographers

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I use to be the queen of #FridayIntroductions posts where I would post a selfie of myself every week and share a few fun facts about me and my business. Being that life gets in the way, or maybe I need more selfies, I figured I’d share a bit about me. Here are a few […]

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February 4, 2020

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me | Personal Blog

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About a year and a half ago, I had just gone full time. I quit my job in November, and left college in February to pursue my dream job full time. My business was thriving; from photography (branding, weddings, and small business) to meeting with clients and other creatives alike. I was TOO busy and […]


May 24, 2019

How HoneyBook Saved my Business| Education for Photographers

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It’s no secret that I love coffee and maybe even more, coffee shops. Indianapolis is home to some wonderful locally owned coffee shops. For local clients, I always suggest meeting at a coffee shop that is a good half way point for the two of us. Why coffee shops? Because they are a neutral ground, […]


May 15, 2019

My Top 10 Favorite Places to Meet Clients | Indianapolis Area Coffee Shops

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Last year I attended the first ever Styled Shoots Across America Conference in Quinlan, Tx. You may or may not have been following me at the time to see my previous blog and pictures, but it was a blast! After having so much fun last year, I decided to go again! This year, the conference […]

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April 15, 2019

Styled Shoots Across America Conference | Year Two | Ranger, GA

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I use to find that styling invitation suites was not only time consuming, but SO EXPENSIVE. Personally love fresh, lush, and unique flowers and greenery to style my suites with. I find adding the blooms bring a luxe, high end look to my work. However, because fresh flowers don’t last forever, especially when you cut […]


April 2, 2019

How to Keep Your Styling Flowers Fresh for Weeks | Tips for Photographers and Stylists

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Pre-booking consultations don’t have to be stressful! I’m providing tips for a stress free and seamless consultation that will help put your mind, and maybe your nerves at ease! I have a streamlined system for prepping for consultations that convert inquiries into bookings! 1.Be Prepared This one may seem obvious, but going in prepared truly […]


February 5, 2019

5 Tips for Preparing for a Consultation | Tips for Wedding Photographers

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When I was first getting started, there were so many decisions I had to make regarding gear, advertising, online materials, etc,. There are so many decisions out there and I spent a lot of time researching, trying free-thirty-day trials-all while I should’ve been working on my photography skills. I wish that some of the bigger […]

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January 9, 2019

My 9 Favorite Business Apps | For Photographers

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